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CULTURE CURIOUS: The $5 Value Meal Krystal Ad

MARLENE: Anyone who is from or who has ever lived in the mid-South has heard of Krystal fast food restaurants. Their commercials are usually fairly cheesy and low-budget, but ad this caught our attention due to some interesting pronunciation of the word “angus.”

MATT: It sounds like anus! It sounds like he’s saying anus! “A big anus, so big and juicy.”

MARLENE: Yes it does. Also, the guy looks a lot like he might be a Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator.

MATT: I actually went to the dude’s website earlier today, and he is apparently a real-deal musician from Memphis who basically apes The Killer, but doesn’t out-and-out impersonate the guy. But whatever he is, I’m just glad we’ve gotten to the point in our society where a professional recording artist can pronounce his love for big anuses  in a regional fast food commercial.

MARLENE: You know, fast food has gotten really dirty. Burger King has Burger Shots, Hardee’s has their Biscuit Holes, and now this. I thought “Super Size Me” made me never want to eat fast food again, but this takes it to a whole new level.

MATT: Come to think of it, the title “Super Size Me” is pretty dirty, too.


4 Responses

  1. Loving the site guys. Keep it up.

  2. Additional note: “Juicy” and “woozy” do not rhyme.

  3. depends on whose doing the “juicing” and whose doing the “wooz-ing.” duh.

  4. […] blog called Matt and Marlene Devour the Culture. We talk movies, music, books, tv and some commercials with interesting pronunciation. Also, I took a trip back home to the city I grew up in. I won’t come out and say where it […]

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